Water chiller, SPARKLING And Boiler RepairS

On-site water system repairs.

Boilers, Chillers, Sparkling, Filtration.

Wall mounted boilers, undersink chiller and boiling water units all use sophisticated electrical components as well as heating and refrigeration elements.

Contact us if you need professional assistance to repair your water tap system and we can send out a fully trained and experienced technician.

Our service vans are fitted with diagnostic and repair tools as well as replacement parts to suit most filtration, chiller, boiler and sparkling systems.
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On wall boiler and undersink chiller


Experienced Factory Trained Technicians

Polite and Good Mannered Professionals

Very Competitive Pricing

Repairs to Undersink Chillers, On Wall Boilers and Sparkling Water Units

We Come To You And Fix And Repair On Location

Many models serviced including EconoBoil, AutoBoil, HydroBoil and more.

We also supply new water filter systems with or without boiling and cooling. Contact us for a competitive quote.
Zip Filter Servicing

ZIP Filters

Billi Filters

Birko Filters

Filtered Water, Boiling Water, Chilled Water, Sparkling Water – all on one tap!