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Melbourne Filtered Water

Angelo is a factory trained Zip HydroTap installer and maintenance expert having previously worked for seven years as part of the Zip HydroCare team.

Angelo then started the Melbourne Water Filter business and has accumulated well over a decade of experience working with home and office Water Filter systems including all models by Zip Filters, Billi Filters, Birko Filters and Rheem water filtration systems.

The goal of Melbourne Filtered Water is to ensure that your water filter system is working correctly and delivering you with pure, clean drinking water.

Melbourne Filtered Water has been servicing and installing hot and cold water filtration systems, cooler and boilers throughout Melbourne, Australia as well as having experience in the appliance industry for many years.

Contact Angelo now on 0414 389 500 to book in a service, maintenance or installation. We will check your system and make sure that your water filtration and cooling and boiling features are working effectively and efficiently.

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We also supply new water filter systems with or without boiling and cooling. Contact us for a competitive quote.
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