Melbourne Water Filter Sales and Servicing

Contact us if your existing water filter system requires servicing, repair, NSF certified water filters or CO2 canister replacement or if you are looking to purchase a new water filter system.

We are factory trained experts for Zip Filters, Billi and Birko, hot water, chilled water, cold water, sparkling water. We can also upgrade your existing CO2 bottle or canister to a larger capacity or provide complex repairs and other upgrades.


Trained Zip & Billi specialists

Maintenance, Sales & Installations

Water Filter Replacing

Repairs to Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Water Units

Undersink Water Filtration Systems

CO2 Bottle Replacements and Upgrades

We also supply new water filter systems with or without boiling and cooling. Contact us for a competitive quote.
Zip Filter Servicing

ZIP Filters

Billi Filters

Birko Filters

Filtered Water, Boiling Water, Chilled Water, Sparkling Water – all on one tap!